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Vintage Mid-Century Modern Silver Fade Cocktail Glass Set with Caddy - Set of 8

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Anyone for drinks? This vintage glassware set is perfect for entertaining! Featuring 8 glasses, matching ice bucket and silver tongs, and carrying caddy. Easily go from filling up at your bar or counter to serving on the patio!

This vintage glassware set is a classic Mid-Century Modern design, perfect for Atomic Age fans (and Mad Men fans). The glasses and ice bucket feature a beautiful mercury silver fade, creating an ombre effect. The glasses are Collins glasses - also known as highball glasses, which are a favorite for a variety of cocktails or great for teas and lemonades!

Each glass is 6 inches tall and about 2.75 inches in diameter, up to 10 oz. capacity. 

But are these Dorothy Thorpe glasses? I do not believe so. There are no maker's marks on any of the glasses or the ice bucket. Dorothy Thorpe's infamous silver-rimmed glassware designs also featured solid silver-rims, whereas these have a fade. This design was also very "en vogue" at the time, and large glass producers created their own versions. The maker behind these glasses is likely Libbey. 

This set is in good vintage condition. The silver rims on the glasses do have some wear. The caddy also features some rust (see photo), and the silver tongs do show signs of age. The glassware does not have any damage - no chips or cracks. All 8 glasses are pictured in product photos.

How To Care For: Hand wash glasses and ice bucket in lukewarm soapy water; rinse with same temperature lukewarm water to prevent stress cracking. Hand dry. Do not place in dishwasher, as this will ruin the silver rims. Spot clean the carrying caddy with a damp rag and towel dry. Keep the caddy dry to prevent further rusting.